• Stronger friendship ties between Pakistan & China

  • Bridge a gap between potential local & foreign investors

  • Aware people of Pakistan about the benefits of CPEC & its progress

  • Aware people of Pakistan about the benefits of CPEC & its progress

Our Messages

It's a great privilege to be leading a company that uses its expertise in the contemporary fields ranging from Science Technology to Social Sciences and Arts and Design to create products and technologies that have a positive impact on people's quality of life. For OBOR CRD, attracting and developing talented people is crucial to our success. We have an excellent training and development programme that supports employees as they progress in their careers and allows them to capitalise on the exciting opportunities developing around the world for our company. If you're looking for a company that's focused on helping you reach your full potential whilst contributing to a more sustainable future then please take a look at our departments portfolio. We hope to have a very good business partnership in the future. .
Muhammad Kashif Irshad
Chief Executive Officer

OBOR Centre for Research & Development is incorporated with a philosophy to build sincere avenues of communication between the people of Pakistan and China. The dynamics of the Centre are facilitative, demanding and revolutionary in nature. We are embracin g the fact that c onnectivity will lead us to undeterred progress in the region. It is high time to invest in Pakistan for a sustainable future and make a change by staying true to our roots in the world.
Hamaad Ghafoor Ghawaas
Managing Director


Higher Education & Research

In addition to cultural, scientific, educational exchange programs, we also provide research and scholarship facilities to Chinese and Pakistani.

Legal Services & Consultancy

We provide complete legal services and dispute settlement in trade, investment, energy, maritime, commercial, taxation and other matters of civil.

Chinese Language

Reinforcing our core object to bridge a communication gap between China and Pakistan, we have designed Chinese language courses, to be organized.

Travel & Visa

We provide complete assistance in necessary travel arrangements to China or Pakistan for tourism, business and other purposes.


Our transportation services involve shipment, import and export, carriage, port clearance and transfer of goods and services in Pakistan

Human Resources & Management

We supply labor and skilled workers together with management services to Chinese companies and investors for an existing or prospective work in Pakistan.

Sales & Marketing

We provide dealers and marketing representatives in the sale of IT products, automobiles and electronics manufactured in China by Chinese companies.

Real Estate & Construction

We distribute services in construction of companies' offices, buildings, facility and plants as well as allocation of suitable properties for work.

Agriculture & Livestock

For the installation of dairy plants and facility to farming and crop development we furnishes complete guidance and expertise in the area. We also support.

Our Departments

  • highereducation@oborcrd.com

Higher Education & Research

The Higher Education & Research Department is responsible to assist students in applying and securing scholarships/funding.

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  • legal@oborcrd.com

Legal Department

The Legal Department is responsible to dispensing every type of legal assistance to the investors, businessmen,students,companies,firms,organizations placed in Pakistan.

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  • language@oborcrd.com

Language Department

The Languages Department is predominantly developed to facilitate working, cultural, and academic communication between the people of China and Pakistan.

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  • visa@oborcrd.com

Tourism & Visa Department

The Tourism Department is assigned with the task of facilitating prospective tourist for the visit of China-Pakistan.From filing of the visa application.

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  • transpotation@oborcrd.com

Transportation Department

The Transportation Department is connected with transportation,carriage,delivery,shipment, import and export of goods and services.

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  • hrmanagement@oborcrd.com

HR & Management

The HR & Management Department is assigned with deliberating organizational functions of the company.

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  • marketing@oborcrd.com

Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing department is responsible to provide Chinese IT and manufacturing companies the needed guidance.

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  • property@oborcrd.com

Construction & Real Estate

The Construction & Real Estate Department is charged with managing and developing the infrastructure projects also the execution.

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  • agriculture_lives@oborcrd.com

Agriculture & Livestock

The Agriculture and Livestock Department works on the investment trends and opportunities, production,stock,import and export.

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